Unicla celebrated a Golden anniversary in June 2014

Unicla International was 50 years old in June 2014.

The DA299B was one of the most famous of the early model reciprocating Unicla compressors, some of which are still pumping away, 27 years after production ceased.

The latest UWX550 shows the enormous evolution that has occurred in the design of these robust compressors.

It was a significant milestone for the company and a fitting tribute to the tenacity of founder Mr Tetsuo Nobata (above), whose unrelenting quest for the smoothest, quietest and most powerful compressor in the world has earned the company international recognition in recent years.

Unicla is now a supplier to significant original equipment manufacturers on two continents, and its recent achievement of the International Certificates of Registration for the company's quality management systems has pushed it into global prominence.

The company commissioned two celebration logos to mark the event. The first was released two years prior to June 2014 and the second was rereleased in June 2014.

And here is how the Unicla logo changed through the years until it reached today's distinctive circle.

The original Unicla logos have changed little over the years. Affectionately known as the Unicla 'wheel', the four vanes symbolise movement of air and heat. The polar bear, with the Mona Lisa smirk, high top hat and bow tie was adopted soon after the original logo was designed, about 45 years ago, to differentiate retail from manufacturing. The bear survives, but now at a difference address in Singapore, under license to Nagoya Unicla Parts Pte. Ltd and its founder Mr Henry Sia, a long- time colleague and associate of Unicla.